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rc crawler

Electric RC Cars will always be a part of everyone's childhood for decades now. It never gets old because each year, there are new models with top-notch features kids can enjoy. Even adults still find Electric RC Cars amusing. Some don't even unpack and play their rc cars because they are preserving them in their collections. The interest in RC cars is high because they are one of the most fascinating and enjoyable toys for boys available.

Electric VS Gas

Electric RC Vehicles also have their fair share of competition: the gas powered toy cars. Some runs off gas, while some runs off nitromethane. Electric and gas cars have their strengths and weaknesses. Although gas toy cars are faster, they are a lot more difficult to maintain and operate. The complicated operational and maintenance requirements to help keep gas RC cars fit are quite troublesome. This is exactly why many people still like the simplistic style of electric toy cars, especially the collectors and kids who just want to play.

best rc crawler

Selecting What to Buy

Choosing what kind of an electric RC car you would like may be the first step. Having different types may be fascinating for kids, but collectors might want to stick to just one type for the sake of using a complete and arranged collection. Figure out what size of RC car you want. You will find models as small as two and a half inches, plus some can exceed one foot.


Make certain all the wires of the electric RC car are properly connected and placed where they should be. Also, battery power that is not fully connected provides you with very little power. The best way to prolong the life of the toy car is to take proper care of its engine. The kind of motor it has will also affect its lifespan.

Brush Motor

If you have a brush motor, you will need to invest additional time to maintain it compared to brushless motors. This is just an easy thing to do for that longevity of your RC car. Washing the engine with an electric motor cleaner is essential. You have to spray it within the motor and then flush it. Everyday cleaning is preferred, but not necessary.

Brushless Motor

However, there is no way to wash a brushless motor, which means you simply employ your toy car until n't i longer runs. However, it is still important to take certain precautions which means you won't wind up shortening the life span of the motor. Such precautions include not generating an excessive amount of heat when using it and gearing it properly by purchasing different sided pinions.

Proper maintenance will increase the lifespan of your Electric RC Cars and enhance their performance. The good thing does this won't take much of your time so you could have more time to play together with your toys.

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